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Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning is now at Top To Tail Dog Spa

The Benefits of Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning And How It Works At Top To Tail...

We will be adding more information here, as we develop this service.  Teeth cleaning is fast and effective using the ultrasonic brush.  However actual brushing is not involved, as the head of the brush remains still.  
The best way to preserve your dog's dental health is through regular brushing and an appropriate diet, from an early age.  
You should continue to take your dog to the vet for regular dental checks and treatment if this is indicated.
This is not dentistry, it is holistic care for your dog.  No sharp instruments are used, but we do believe that there are documented advantages that your dog will want you to know about.  We are tremendously encouraged by early treatment results and will be posting testimonials and pictures as soon as we can.

If you are already convinced of the merits of this kind of teeth cleaning and want to book a session we look forward to hearing from you.
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Highly effective, non-invasive kind to dogs teeth cleaning
Gentle no sharp objects used, the brush is just placed on the tooth area
Dogs seem to love the taste of the toothpaste which is not used to brush, just to help the ultrasonic waves to reach the tooth 
Combats gingivitus
Inhibits plaque and tartar build up
More effective removal of plaque
Can help to maintain your dog's teeth in great health.
Also helps to maintain gum and periodontal health
Tooth and mouth care is essential to minimise the risks arising from poor dental and oral health, including heart valve and liver disease...
A range of treatment packages available, contact us for more details
Contact us to book your session

Treatments only begin after a consultation and full evaluation of your dog's suitability...

Dog's teeth need careful looking annual check up and any treatment through your dog's vet' is advised.  Teeth cleaning and mouth care is instrumental in keeping your dog in good health
Initial visit
includes consultation 
free toothbrush
single visit
booked in advance
call 07842 576080
Best Value
20 session package
Frequency to be agreed
call for an appointment
Ten Treatments
a £30 saving
Block booking
Ultrasonic teeth and mouth care is effective, however we cannot stress enough the importance of owners cleaning their dog's teeth. Twice a day, for only a minute will help to maintain good dental and oral health for your dog.  
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Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning for Dogs, now at Top to Tail Groomers

Watch the video to understand how important oral hygiene is for dogs
At Top to Tail, we follow holistic principles in how we approach any and all aspects of dog care.  We believe that the promotion of the importance of dental and oral health of dogs can contribute enormously to dogs' well being.  
It is also our responsibility as owners to do the best we can for our and get the heads up on this neglected but essential area of dog care.
Lisa Harris, owner/manager Top to Tail...
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