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Ozone Treatments: Discover the benefits and treatments to help your dog get the most out of life

Why your dog will love these treatments: scroll down to understand (because your dog can't read) how this all works and the benefits for your dog (which they will understand)...

Why I think your dog will love these ozone-enriched treatments

One to one treatments  help to provide a stress free experience,   I believe that these spa treatments will do even more for our dogs and it fits the Top to Tail story.
Ozone with Himalyan Salts:, a treatment tailored to your dog's needs and a deep relaxation and the finishing touches of balm for paws and nose.  
Himalayan salts are also used to correct mineral deficiencies, so their benefits are not restricted to the spa setting.  However, when used with ozone, they can help to treat skin issues in dogs.  We add salts to the ozone-hydro-massage bath.  Here they can help to heal skin abrasions from scratching, or parasites, as well as cuts.  The salts help to draw impurities out and aid detoxification.  
Dogs tend to be very relaxed after a salts and ozone combination and the relief from skin irritations and wounds can help to re-balance them.

Mud is an excellent exfoliant.  This means that it helps to penetrate the outer layers of the skin and to gently remove skin that could otherwise harbour parasites, yeast and fungal infections and more besides.  It really helps to lift the under-coat.  Which means that de-shedding is more thorough and better still.  The essential oils help to soothe the skin and to help it to repair and to regain peak condition.  Soothing mud can help to ease aching muscles and stiff joints
Mud treatments are combined with different essential oils to address specific issues.  Clinically proven benefits include:
reducing inflammation, helping to kill off harmful bacteria, acting as an antiseptic, and promoting healing.  Scroll down to find some examples of oils that are used in our mud spa treatments.

The base element- full body massage and..

aromatherapy or Himalayan salts

The ozone hydro-massage bath bubbles deep cleanse and massage muscles and soft tissues, even stimulating the internal organs.  This treatment will assist with post-operative recovery and help dogs that do agility, or are very active recover quicker and avoid injury.  Himalayan salts or aromatherapy elements can further assist healing and recovery.

De-shedding, deep cleansing and rehydration

An excellent way to aid de-shedding in heavy coated dogs

The Ozone hydro bath combined with the use of essential oils helps to loosen impacted coats and aids in the removal of dead hair. This treatment stimulates blood flow and circulation throughout the dog’s body which then helps to lift any dead skin away whilst re-hydrating at the same time. This combination also helps to kill any bacteria, yeast and fungal infections the dog may have.

Skin and hair treatment

Himalayan salts 

Ozone bubbles have anti-bacterial properties and together with Himalayan salts are used to treat wounds and relieve painful and sore areas, for example, hot spots.  The ozone enriched bubbles also treat yeast, parasitic, and fungal infections, and help to address alopecia through improved blood supply to the skin.  The coat benefits from the deeper cleaning provided by ozone as opposed to regular shampooing.  The healthier the skin, the better coat condition, all other things being equal.

Overweight, nervous and arthritic complaints

A welcome boost for your dog..

Arthritic and overweight dogs experience aches and pains due to excess stress on already delicate muscles and joints.  In either case warm water, rhythmic pulses of bubbles at a constant temperature of 30 degrees are joy to the pained dog.  Less inclination to exercise for overweight dogs leads to less mobility, muscles become less loose and more painful.  This treatment can help alleviate the symptoms.  The pleasant experience of the ozone spa for nervous dogs can be enhanced by lavender aromatherapy oils and then the same relaxing paw and nose balm experience and subsequent chill out.  If your dog has had a major life event such as a house move, bonfire night, has been re-homed or more then this could be just what they need.  Stressed out dogs tend to hold themselves rigidly and need help to come out of this stress.

"Prices from" depend on the size of dog , condition of the coat , treatment required and any special needs and handling of the dog points that need to be addressed. 

Small dogs

from £35

guide price

Medium Dogs

from £40

Guide price

large dogs

from £45

guide price
"Dear Lisa

Re: Mizzy 14.5yrs old

I would just like to say THANK YOU for your time and patience spent with my much loved Shih Tzu Mizzy.
As you know she wasn’t well enough for a groom on her previous visit due to possible stroke or back injury however you recommended a hydro therapy session with a little tidy up around the face.
That evening after the therapy session I noticed a vast improvement in her wellbeing and the days following she continued to improve.
Anyone who saw Mizzy before the therapy would have thought she is nearing the end of life, she was that bad.
Today she is a completely different dog, running around again, jumping off the sofa and I know it is down to the hydro therapy."
- Tracy Cann,  Bexhill-on-Sea
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